Untitled #26

Start and end. Start. And end. In the middle, it's normal if you bend. But be careful not to break. Start. Eventually, it'll end. Perhaps, start again.


untitled #25

floating and yet drowning. bobbing up and sinking. trapped somewhere in a nasty daydream. a promise that was ending. it ended and the scars are left. wounds that cut so deep. hollow. hollow. hollow. Grab the light. It never ceases to shine.    old work found somewhere circa 2015 

untitled #23

Cold stare from black brown eyes. I hoped for dilated pupils and a smile. But there were none. What was there was a figure I was trying to reach, a void I was trying to fill. The hands refused to be held. a momentary flip, confusion; my insides starting a pandemonium It was you, I … Continue reading untitled #23

Untitled #20

the smell of paper, the rush of the breeze, the sound of laughter, the genius of a whiz, words that are pun-ny, sights that are lovely, sparkle of the eyes, lips happily quivering at the sides, these are the things that make me smile.


Dear blogging-workshop-deprived-self, I wanna make it up to you and attended the first ever poetry reading in the city. Finally, you are part of some history of the creative community. Hehe. The event was organized by some of your college schoolmates. And oh, we spotted your English 2 instructor! I really wonder if she remembered … Continue reading #HugotGensan