When I am asked what makes a good teacher, my answer or part of it always says that a good teacher gives chances to his/her students.           It has always been a given that a good teacher teaches well, inspires, and stuff like that. In spite … Continue reading chances


    *Fifteen years ago, the only light we had was from an oil lamp older than my mother. She says it’s a hand-me-down from Gramps. I vividly remember the flicker of its ageing wick when I saw the candles that surrounded me. “Not again.” If not for the much needed lay-off this would have … Continue reading Reasons

Reads: trying something new

For some reason, I suddenly have this drive to read more books this year. (Perhaps, the books on the shelf - untouched for at most 3, 4 yrs beckons.) And to pay more attention to what I read is another thing I am planning to do. I'm thinking making pseudo-reviews would somehow keep me up. … Continue reading Reads: trying something new

Untitled #20

the smell of paper, the rush of the breeze, the sound of laughter, the genius of a whiz, words that are pun-ny, sights that are lovely, sparkle of the eyes, lips happily quivering at the sides, these are the things that make me smile.

Sunday Currently vol. 8

I haven't done this in a while, so let's! Plus, I think that this is a pretty decent way to rave about something. Reading  I have been trying to read as many books I can. I still am going through some reads that I started the other  last year. I picked up  Fast Food Fiction … Continue reading Sunday Currently vol. 8