Out of the city & into the lake (Holon)

I still can’t believe that I’ve made my way through the mountains. Well, it isn’t really my first time but it’s my first to be trekking a higher one - all just to see a lake. On a whim, just to try something new, my college pals and I decided to go to Lake Holon … Continue reading Out of the city & into the lake (Holon)


If I have to stand under the sun for hours on end, If I have to deal with others complaining about long lines and inefficiency, If I have to end the day with varicose veins, If I have to eavesdrop because I have no choice but to do so, having to stand between two friends … Continue reading Queue

Cafe crowd

It's odd that one can find quiet in the middle of all these strangers. Perhaps, no matter how quiet a room is, the familiar will always be shouting and screaming things that are too comforting, too enticing, too familiar that they become distracting. And no matter how full of people a room is, there is … Continue reading Cafe crowd


          When I am asked what makes a good teacher, my answer or part of it always says that a good teacher gives chances to his/her students.           It has always been a given that a good teacher teaches well, inspires, and stuff like that. In spite … Continue reading chances