untitled #22

another driver opened up saying the tricycle was not initially his. the owner was a soldier, he said. the soldier died and left the tricycle to his wife. i married his wife, he said - with a smile. that's life.


untitled #21

I see you, when the world was dark. When everything was shattered, you came right in through the crack. When you stepped on my patio - where it was dim no matter how colorful the flowers are; when you said you'd be my eyes, I found a miracle. And the days went on with your … Continue reading untitled #21

untitled #20

I miss the old blogging days when the Internet was a safe space. Strangers come and go; we exchanged hi's and hello's. Talked to someone we felt we connected with, leaving the monitor thrilled that we connected to a stranger who lives in another part of the country, of the world. I miss the old … Continue reading untitled #20


    *Fifteen years ago, the only light we had was from an oil lamp older than my mother. She says it’s a hand-me-down from Gramps. I vividly remember the flicker of its ageing wick when I saw the candles that surrounded me. “Not again.” If not for the much needed lay-off this would have … Continue reading Reasons