Out of the city & into the lake (Holon)

I still can’t believe that I’ve made my way through the mountains. Well, it isn’t really my first time but it’s my first to be trekking a higher one - all just to see a lake. On a whim, just to try something new, my college pals and I decided to go to Lake Holon … Continue reading Out of the city & into the lake (Holon)

Sunday Currently, Vol. 7

Reading  I'm stuck with Donald Miller’s Searching For God Knows What, along with few others that are lying around on my desk. Backlog! Backlog! Gaaah. Writing  I am writing a rather personal account on a not so personal issue - an account which would remain on the pages of my journal forever. I have been wanting to … Continue reading Sunday Currently, Vol. 7

Feeling Thursday-Friday: Coffee Studio and my lame attempts

I love long weekends! Ha-ha. Because I'm "free" to hang around on a weeknight, I visited Fat Love Coffee Studio. I like that these coffee shops are starting to be like mushrooms  - sprouting everywhere - around the city. And it's a plus factor that coffee and food is cheaper! (compared to established coffee shops) … Continue reading Feeling Thursday-Friday: Coffee Studio and my lame attempts

Roadside adventure

For the first time in my life (for as long as I can remember), we (fambam!) were able to go on a beach adventure of some sort. Last Holy Thursday, we decided to hit the beach. Our stop was initially Phil Florencia in Maasim, Sarangani Province. I think it's a newly-opened resort since I only … Continue reading Roadside adventure

Hello 2015!

Adventure. That's  the first I saw in my sister's planner feature (words that's supposed to somehow 'define' your year). I'm not big on this and it was only this year that I learned that some people really have words they stick which is the supposed theme of their year. For some, a sort of commitment … Continue reading Hello 2015!