untitled #21

I see you,

when the world was dark. When everything was shattered, you came right in through the crack. When you stepped on my patio – where it was dim no matter how colorful the flowers are; when you said you’d be my eyes, I found a miracle.

And the days went on

with your voice resounding. It was quite a show, I can tell. I didn’t even know I was already listening well.

Then came the day when light showed itself to me. My eyes opened and i saw the face which owns the voice which I now find comforting. Then what happened next is less than exciting.

I lost you.

Right when I was ready to see you.

Or maybe, I wasn’t?

Or maybe I do.

I saw you when the world was dark for me.

You saw my fall and caught a glimpse of how I rise again.

But now,

we could never know how things unfold. We could never know if the sparks continued to ignite. All I know for sure was, when it was dark you became mine.

And now that the light came back to me, there is no one to see. 


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