When I am asked what makes a good teacher, my answer or part of it always says that a good teacher gives chances to his/her students.

          It has always been a given that a good teacher teaches well, inspires, and stuff like that. In spite of the routine, the aforementioned are not really easy to do. And they do make a good teacher. But I have always looked up to the one who gives a student a chance to do things – be part of play, lead a team, recite a poem, share an idea, showcase creativity, etc. I have a high regard for teachers who take the extra mile to reach out to a kid and convince him to try doing something. Sometimes, it takes additional effort to give the students a chance to experience new things. There will be times when guts and faith and humility are to be tested as they take risks in giving chances to kids who are considered underdogs. I have regard for teachers who give their students a chance to experience what they have experienced.

          And as this thought clings to me, I hope that I be reminded to be that one who gives chances.


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