Reads: trying something new

Not really related to this post but rest assured they are on my reading list. He-he

For some reason, I suddenly have this drive to read more books this year. (Perhaps, the books on the shelf – untouched for at most 3, 4 yrs beckons.) And to pay more attention to what I read is another thing I am planning to do. I’m thinking making pseudo-reviews would somehow keep me up. (Pseudo-review because it would probably just be ranting about how I felt most of the time. lol)

So far, I had finished two books already. They’re easy reads that’s why. *wink

After You – Jojo Moyes: I have not been dying to read this but curiosity got the better of me so when there was a chance, I grabbed it. Basically, the story revolved around Lou’s life after Will’s passing, the sudden appearance of Will’s daughter -something that surprised me, and Lou finding someone whom she could finally, probably, really end up with. I think the very surprise/twist that this sequel offers is the presence of Will’s daughter. Everything else is quite predictable. But in spite of that predictability, it was how the circumstances were being woven into each other was what made the book a good read. Albeit it wasn’t as much as a tearjerker as the first one. And then, there’s the moving on, getting over with parts. I must say, you can really get insights on moving on from this one, too.

Wounded Little Gods – Eliza Victoria: This is my first book by a Filipino author and not a love story at that. Wounded Little Gods is a little book that gives you big things. Not to mention, a bit of explosive. It’s my first time to read a mystery/fantasy novel, thus the reaction.

I really like how the author gave life to characters from Philippine folklore and history and incorporate scientific stuff (stuff?!?!?! hahaha) into one engaging storyline. There was really a point where it’s quite difficult to put down! There were dragging times but I guess they are all forgivable as compared to the rollercoaster ride that is the development of the seemingly dull characters. If you find the first part boring, just keep on reading as things are just starting to heat up.



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