The Sunday Currently vol. 8

I haven’t done this in a while, so let’s! Plus, I think that this is a pretty decent way to rave about something.


I have been trying to read as many books I can. I still am going through some reads that I started the other  last year. I picked up  Fast Food Fiction ShortStoriesToGo. It’s an anthology of short stories ranging from 400+ to 800+ words written by Filipino authors. It’s published by Anvil Publishing and edited by Noelle Q. de Jesus. Tbh, most of the names don’t ring a bell. I guess it’s high time to educate myself with these authors and I figured it’s part of my #LoveLocal project. I’m still leafing thru Donald Miller’s Scary Close. And there are others.



I haven’t been writing much lately except journal entries and some attempts on poetry. I’m planning on writing essays and stuff I can post on this blog.


Currently listening to RADWIMPS (Human Bloom + Your Name)! (This is the part where I rave, you’ve been warned.)

I watched Kimi No Nawa and instantly fell in love with the scores! The band has been existing since 2003 and pretty big in Japan, especially now that they recorded AN ENTIRE ALBUM of about 20+ songs and musical scores for Kimi No Nawa. 

Yojiro Noda’s voice is ear candy to me, and I like how they try to incorporate different genres in their music (they’re primarily a rock band). I guess I just really like the sound of guitars – all those riffs and stuff. They’re really good with just keyboards,too! T.T

Apparently, I can’t understand the lyrics so i’ve been checking translations of the lyrics and so far, so good. My band-loving heart is kind of bursting right now. (I’ll get over this in time, haha.)


Radwimps MVs. lol. I was watching Begin Again for the nth time when I realized Greta’s friend was James Corden!! Ha-ha. I was kind of *mindblown*! Ha-ha! I didn’t know Corden then so it was only really now that his face rang a bell. Also, catching up on The Legend of the Blue Sea (eeep!) and Sabagay Life  – a webseries by D5 studio.


What reading activity I’d be ding for tomorrow’s class. And how to cope with all the requirements for MA class. T.T


New books. No kidding.


for plane tickets and concert tickets (Coldplay!) Surprisingly, I am not wishing for burgers.


I am really, really, really,  hoping, crossing my fingers tight, that Sakaling Hindi Makarating would be shown here in GenSan on February 1st, even just for a day or two!! That would be the time when I’d be catching up a LFS even on a weekday. ha-ha

And hoping to be writing a decent essay of some sort.


What else but favorite pambahay and a rubber band for a hair tie – something which I haven’t done since grade school.


Abbey Sy’s daily journal, Zig brush pen, extra fine and magnetic poetry MNL.


I have been wanting to buy a guitar for the longest time now. I really want to play some songs. And I need a good night sleep. 🙂


To actually save up for a guitar because the one I used to borrow from my cousin now belongs to my niece.




Nothing in particular at the moment. I’m behind blogs I used to read. Huhu

The Sunday Currently was originally created by SiddaThornton


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