Dear blogging-workshop-deprived-self,

I wanna make it up to you and attended the first ever poetry reading in the city. Finally, you are part of some history of the creative community. Hehe. The event was organized by some of your college schoolmates. And oh, we spotted your English 2 instructor! I really wonder if she remembered you and your friends asking too many questions about dangling modifiers.

The humble little space of DG’s Restobar was jam-packed. We stood fro over two hours, btw, but that doesn’t matter because we’ve heard from the SOX’s region’s finest. You cannot blame the venue for their lack of chairs because nobody thought it would be filled like that. Not to mention that its rustic feels complemented #hugot really well.

You finally know how it feels to be in a crowd of people patiently waiting for the next lines filled with the heart’s deepest sentiments. The performers/writers/poets/humans were great. Sure, some came off weird to you but crafting verses and proses from random words, to be able to string them together beautifully is one heck of a talent and skill so we just breathed it all in.

I could ramble the whole month about it so I’d stop here. The next event would be in Koronadal. I doubt we can go by then because schedule is kind of hectic. But I hope we can go to the next #HugotGensan.

I know we will.


twenty-five year-old not-so-closet-poet self



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