The Sunday Currently, Vol. 7



I’m stuck with Donald Miller’s Searching For God Knows What, along with few others that are lying around on my desk. Backlog! Backlog! Gaaah.


I am writing a rather personal account on a not so personal issue – an account which would remain on the pages of my journal forever. I have been wanting to write about something I still have to figure about. 😐


The 1975, again! Because I have read a review and I realized that I have not gotten around to listening to most of their songs in their new album I like it when you sleep for  you are so beautiful, yet so unaware of it. I’ve been stuck on The Sound. I thought I’d do the band justice and listen to the rest of the songs.

Here are some others I’m listening to:

  • Hillsong United’s I Heart Revolution
  • Tide/Edit’s Foreign Languages and Lightfoot
  • Oh, Flamingoes!
  • lots of OPM!
pretty much half of the reason why i listen to this (c) Boston Calling


After 48 years, I am now catching up on Suits. It has been really a long time that I forgot if I had finished watching all of the Season 4 episodes. I am watching it again! Ha-ha!


i really think i should really prepare seriously for what to tackle tomorrow in class. ha-ha. like, be really serious about it.

among others, i am also thinking of burgers, shawarma, coffee… lol



I’m really hoping for a great week ahead because birthday week, ya’ know?


pambahay clothes (da best!)


i am loving the fact that everything seems well with the rest of the family. Sundays make me really ponder about family and family situations. hihi


I want to eat, that’s all. Must be the hormones.

Srsly though, I really want to write something but i still haven’t figured out what that something is about. i want to just babble around but i don’t want to be sounding savvy when I’m not. Ugh. this dilemma. I might be writing about my turning-into-a-movie-junkie though.


I need to really sort things out for school.


I feel sad about something that’s happening that I myself have no enough knowledge about. I don’t even know if I should feel something about it. Also, i’m excited because I’d be hitting 2-5 next week. i am also really nervous about it though.

The Sunday Currently was originally started by Sidda Thornton


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