The Sunday Currently Vol. 6




Ever since June started, I had said a temporary goodbye to (summer) reading list. I have a handful of half-read books, which I read in turns. Just recently, I’ve started with Jojo Moyes’ Me Before You. I’m also turning the pages of Acel Van Ommen’s Who Would Have Thought and Donald Miller’s Searching For God Knows What. 


I’m glad that I have been writing again albeit they come in trickles. Sayang naman yung Kislap journal kung di ko gagamitin. Ha-ha. Kidding aside, that has been one of my motivations lately. It’s kind of sad to have seemingly lost the words but I’m hoping they’d find me soon and that I would not lose sight of them.


For some reason, listening to The 1975 brings me memories and encourages me to make new ones. Okay, that’s just me trying to be emotional about it. lol I’ve been listening to The Sound a lot lately. And a handful of OPM songs too many to mention but worth listening so head on to here.


I am glued to watching to this particular performance of The 1975 at the BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend. I first liked this band not only for their music but as to how they play live. I especially like their Big Weekend performances. hehe


How to go about lots of tasks tomorrow. I haven’t done anything for the weekend and I’m way past my sleeping time. 😦 Also, how do I really get away from this habit of sleeping late when all the ideas kick in at the last minute?


Even if MA class starts next month, I still wish for an extra day-off. The thing with this job is it eats your weekend because you have to prepare for the week ahead. It takes a day to really rest so yeah, another day foe weekend.


I’m really hoping for a good day tomorrow. (Saying good instead of great makes me sound like a bit pessimistic.)


a two-year old shirt that has FUN RUN printed on it. and good ol’ PJs.


I am loving my journal, the good quality of my cam phone, the fact that there is hope.


I really want a beach trip, one where you can just laze around the beach for hours.


Truth is, I really need to organize my files before the very busy days come.


Lately, there’d been hints of sadness but I’m pretty much optimistic about a lot of things. So I’m generally happy.

The Sunday Currently was originally started by Sidda Thornton


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