Be brave.


adjective \ˈbrāv\ : feeling or showing no fear : not afraid

I was reading something a few days ago when I stumbled upon a statement about being brave. Then like a true light bulb moment, I thought that this would be my word for the year. Yep, making a declaration on the sixtieth-something page of 2016’s book.

Thinking about it for a couple of days now, maybe I needed just that. I need to be brave once and for all. I guess it’s high time to go for something even if fear is looming around the corner. I think it’s time to just move forward even if the other side is unknown. And we know that the unknown is scary. It is frightening. The safest to do, it seems, is to stay on the side where we are at the moment. But the safe side isn’t going to be a good place. Facing whatever needs to be faced is what’s meaningful and memorable most of the time. And I hope to be doing more of that this year. Be it from trying something new to making a life decision.

So help me God.

Be brave. Do not be afraid because He has overcome. 




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