Surigao del Sur escapade

Have you ever tried having a word for the year? You get to choose or you’re given a word that, they say, would  be the word to which your year would revolve around to. Mine was ‘adventure’.

Amazingly enough, I’ve been to more places more than I did the past years (thanks to random beach trips my father took us to). Okay, truth is I hardly even travel. Then my colleagues proposed months ago that we go to Surigao for the long weekend (November). So on the 27th of last month, we hopped on a van -which btw, came all the way from Surigao – right after our classes. Yes! We asked the drivers to collect us from school.


I’m a gross travel buddy. You’ve been warned. I get nauseous and barf almost a lot whenever I travel by land so I made sure that I find myself some motivation. Seeing Enchanted River was one and thankfully it did not disappoint. I did barf a few times, though.

We stopped by Tibungco, Davao City to rest at the house where the parents’ of one of my colleagues live. We arrived there by around past 10 in the evening. After a few hours of rest, we drove to Surigao by 2 AM and we arrived by 6.

Breakfast was the first agenda then straight to the first itinerary. You’d thought we were all sleepy and dizzy, which was really the case, but it did not matter anymore when we arrived at Tinuy-an Falls.



Of course, we had to take underwater pictures when we were at Enchanted River, our next stop. Ha-ha! This was after nth times of trying. Also, being a non-swimmer, I’m glad there’s a shallow part of the river. It’s brackish, if you’re wondering.

We stayed at this place called White Palace Inn and all our destinations are one – two hours drive from there. In case you’re wondering with our meals, we ate at My Dung’s in Brgy. Mangagoy. It’s a well-known resto in the place and they serve really good food.


The island hopping at Britania Islets is one for the books. The Philippines is indeed blessed with beautiful beaches. We took this banca which our tour guide rented from La Entrada, a hotel which apparently rents you bancas. There are still other places from which you could rent one. We stayed at the islets for the whole of our second day. There’s one island which rents tables for meals. We took our lunch at the banca.


We stopped by what they call the Rest Place. Basically, it’s an area overlooking the Britania Islets with a few souvenir shops on the side.

On our third day, we took a side trip to Aliwagwag Falls in Cateel, Davao Oriental before finally going home. Personally, I wasn’t so keen on making it to this place because I was worried of the long drive.Apparently, it was worth it.


Just when we thought the trip was over, the drive home was the most exciting, not to mention, funniest and scariest part. We took the Compostela road because according to some of our colleagues, it’s a shortcut. True enough, we drove for a shorter period time compared to the usual route, but nobody dozed off for we were all nervous. Ha-ha. To fight the nervousness, we threw as many corny  jokes as we can.

We also went to the International Doll House on our first day. It’s an exhibit of collector’s item dolls, tea cups and cars of the owner. She and her husband also own a restaurant just beside the doll house named Ocean View Park. You guessed, it’s an overlooking restaurant which serves really good food and very affordable, too.

All in all, it was really a fun trip. We did have some glitches but they’re really small ones compared to the fun we experienced. 🙂




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