Feeling Thursday-Friday: Coffee Studio and my lame attempts


I love long weekends! Ha-ha. Because I’m “free” to hang around on a weeknight, I visited Fat Love Coffee Studio.

I like that these coffee shops are starting to be like mushrooms  – sprouting everywhere – around the city. And it’s a plus factor that coffee and food is cheaper! (compared to established coffee shops) Of course, what’s a coffee shop without the ambiance? Ha-ha!

Coffee Studio is actually a studio-turned-coffee shop. If I’m not mistaken, they still use a small area of the shop as an actual studio. I first went to the shop with my colleagues after attending a party. For some reason, we’ve been doing this after party thing for a while now. Ha-ha.

The place is so pretty! It’s filled with vintage items that’s  pastel and all. Excuse the term, but Instagram-worthy, yes! Being owned (or co-owned, not really sure) by a photographer, the place is filled with things photography like these cameras:


They also put up a photo wall, with pictures of customers which they took.



I didn’t order coffee the first time, since it was already really late. I tried out their camera shake instead. Yep, read that right. Camera shake, of course, served in a camera lens cup. This one’s their best selling caramel shake. I say it’s good. But if you’re not the sweets kind of person, you can pass up this one and try their Vanilla Latte Macchiato instead. I also found out that they now serve meals and sandwiches. I have yet to try those, though.

It’s really a good place for hanging out – be it with friends or alone. There’s plenty of books for company as well! I actually spent a good thirty-minutes just reading. And they play good music!! Win! I will be coming back for sure. 🙂




Fat Love Coffee Studio is located at Roxas Blvd., Gen. Santos (in front DBP). Open from 9/10:oo AM to 12 MN


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