Life lately,

Whoever reads this blog? Hehe.

If you’re one who has liked one the poems I managed to write, a stranger who just got curious, a frequent reader (is there ever anybody? :D), or just someone who happened to pass by, thank you. Thank you for keeping up with this randomness.

It’s been a while, I know. I told myself to post all summer-related “adventures” by end of May. Apparently, I wasn’t able to because before I knew it, work happened. Not that I’m complaining.

WARNING: Randomness up ahead.

I just survived the first week of school and I’m a bit surprised that it was quite smooth-sailing. Whatever that means. I get to meet a new set of not-so-kids and I’m quite excited to spend the rest of the school year with them.

I haven’t caught up with any reading because all I did, after coming home from school, is eat + sleep. I hope to flip pages soon especially that I purchased another set of bookmarks.

Same is with writing. I think I kind of lost it a bit which is really sad because then, I would have no use for the pretty notebooks I hoarded. Hehe. I’m sort of finding my writing voice lately – and don’t even know where to begin. Reading my past write-ups, I can’t help cringe. I’m glad that there were improvements though (e.g. no more jeje notes. lol) But of course, the only way is to write and write and write. Breathe. Live life. Write. I guess I just have to let all the crap out first.

Tbh, there’s really not much to say. I just missed writing just because. (Ehem. Don’t be fooled. This is just word vomit.)  Srsly though, I really need to practice on my writing and I need to read more books.

Alright, so I guess that’s all for now.

PS The photo above is one of my attempts at lettering. I’ve been trying since high school and I’m really glad that materials are now accessible.

Hoping to come up with a more sensible post soon. Ha-ha!



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