Roadside adventure

JpegFor the first time in my life (for as long as I can remember), we (fambam!) were able to go on a beach adventure of some sort.

Last Holy Thursday, we decided to hit the beach. Our stop was initially Phil Florencia in Maasim, Sarangani Province. I think it’s a newly-opened resort since I only heard of it late last year. It’s relatively small but who really cares if it’s white sand and blue waters? Right? But we didn’t stay that long since it was low tide and my brothers wanted to swim. Long story short, we drove farther. I’d really want to go back to Florencia though because of the cliff thing-y. The only higher ground I got to was on top of a rock. He-he.


Pagbigyan na please. Ha-ha! 

We went all the way to Kiamba, still in Sarangani. Unfortunately, we didn’t know where Tuka Marine Park was so we went here instead.


Papa wanted to bring us here and I was like OHMYGAAAAASSSHHH! ( Yes, caps lock para intense.) I don’t know if this should remain an open secret between the locals and those who know but I’m writing about it anyway. He-he. Ever since I watched movies with beach scenes, I’ve been dreaming of going to a place where the beach is just a few meters away from the road. Well, we have that here but I have wanted something like this one.


Yes, it’s miles and miles of beach JUST beside the road! JUST a few steps from the road! ( Hyperboles are made for a reason.) It might not be white but it’s wide! Plus, the balite trees provide a really good shade. The thing is this might not be the case during high tides because we saw rocks stuck in the roots of the giant tree.

The sea is good for swimming, too. There’s not much corals and the waves are inviting. We got bigger waves later in the afternoon. We were lucky it was low tide that day. We were able to spend hours swimming which was really the goal. Ha-ha! I was just really marveling whole time. Nakakaiyak sa ganda! Thank you Lord for places like this!

There’s a bane though: there’s no place to change clothes (can do in the car or go home wet) and there’s no non-seawater to use for an after-swim wash (unless you’d bring water supply). But then, I guess those are two things that make it more fun and adventurous. The beach, the view, the quietness of the place, that sense of semi-exclusivity is worth the hassle. 🙂

It’s a highly-recommended place for that much needed time away from the city. Or that stop in the middle of a road trip. Or a quiet moment just marveling the sea and JUST be in awe of the Artist. Just drive along Kiamba. 🙂

Oh, and we stopped by the road again on our way home to admire this.


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