Old new things

Life, lately, has been all about new experiences, mostly about work. Then, there are the things I work on for a breather.

I’ve been working on lettering and watercolor for some time now. I’m not the expert, though. I am just glad that materials have been more easily available – thanks to online shopping – than they used to. I started this penchant for lettering way back in grade school, quite intensified in high school but never got around to working on it because I tried on other things. I did more of my writing and then music. But the letters would always find their way when I doodle (in class!) and when I have nothing to do. (I remember lettering while waiting for my students back when I was still tutoring. They didn’t show up that day and I realized I was lettering for almost an hour!)

Fast forward to today when these pens and watercolors that I had no knowledge of were already locally available, I started to dabble on it again. (Dabble – for now.) Months ago, I bought myself a Prang watercolor set. I used watercolor because I have a fascination with it since and I really got inspired by Alessa Lanot of Life After Breakfast. Then I discovered these letterers online (to which one of them is Abbey Sy). I now dream of making more and making it better. Hihi. (My artsy self is so happy.)

So, what do you think?

P.S Here’s a belated greeting.


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