Hello 2015!


That’s  the first I saw in my sister’s planner feature (words that’s supposed to somehow ‘define’ your year). I’m not big on this and it was only this year that I learned that some people really have words they stick which is the supposed theme of their year. For some, a sort of commitment to be or to do.

Coincidentally, I started the year with an adventure.

My colleagues and I pushed through with our trip to Lake Sebu, South Cotabato. It was an estimated 2+ hours ride from Gen. Santos. The itinerary was simple: stay overnight in a spring resort, see the falls, zipline, dine at Punta Isla.


The place was small, tbh, but it was nice. We very much appreciate the cottages we slept in because the bunk beds are comfortable and the comfort room is clean! (Yes, with exclamation point because CR cleanliness is very, very, very important.) Also, it has a sort of receiving area which has a TV(!) and also serves as a dining area. For a small resort, too, it’s quite impressive that they have some sort of room service.

The next day was the highlight. We first went to see the Seven Falls. Heads up, though: you can only go down to two of the falls because the rest, as they said, are quite difficult to reach. Nevertheless, it was lovely. Steps are available but some of us opted to ride the motorcycle upon going up again.

All those are mist as the actual falls is further on the right 🙂


While we were admiring the falls, we cannot help to also look up at people riding the zipline. We took it as an invitation and so we immediately went to the zipline station. It was quite nerve-wracking but totally worth it. I just don’t think I can stand the nervousness for a second or third try, though. Ha-ha.



I am not really a travel junkie (blame it on motion sickness) but I like to go to places once in a while. And if this trip is a sort of precedence to what’s to come, then hello adventure! 🙂


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