The Sunday Currently Vol. 2

C U R R E N T L Y . . .
R E A D I N G  nothing at the moment. I just finished Love, Rosie (Cecilia Ahern) and will now push through with finishing Fresh Air (C
W R I T I N G  currently nothing as well albeit I’m planning to post a blog entry (personal and something food-related for
L I S T E N I N G  to Explosions in The Sky and Hillsong United..
T H I N K I N G  how to make my vacation productive aka how to insert work into vacation.
S M E L L I N G  nothing..I just ran out of perfume..
W I S H I N G  bonus is on the way, tbh, because I still have a lot Christmas shopping to do, he-he
W E A R I N G  my ever favorite denim cut-offs..
L O V I N G  my Daykeeper Daybook,
W A N T I N G  to go to the beach and just lie there listening to the sound of crashing waves
N E E D I N G to clean my room…
F E E L I N G  tired but happy and a bit sad because I miss a lot of people..
Here’s a link to Sunday Currently. 

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