Paint the town with memories, one step at a time


I am fond of the streets. They always fascinate me, and the opportunity to create memories in them fascinates me more.

I am blessed to be close to people who do not mind walking the literal distance. People who do not care much about the length of miles we have to traverse but instead on the time we able to have and memories we are able to create with each other.

Tonight, our witness is Aparente Street. We walked down the lane where almost everything started for two of us. It was a bit of reminiscing, but it’s not the sad kind. It was reminiscing with gladness, with semi-disbelief that we were able to pass through it all – the crazy ups and downs of high school life. It was like singing a happy song once again and remembering only the happy feeling it brought. It was being happy.

And the streets heard new versions of our laughter, of shared new stories. The streetlights were witnesses to the grins that we wore for being there, spending time under the moonlight, our feet walking. We’ve had moments like this before but it wasn’t deja vu beause this is a new road we’re taking. It is a new road almost symbolically perfect for the new paths that each of us are taking.

The rustling leaves and the wind heard our secrets, if there were any. They heard the old things remembered and the new things that await. Despite our differences, we are, after all, a bunch of people coming together because of shared ground.

The noise of vehicles passing by may have drowned out our voices but they did not drown out the happiness of being in this moment. Soil erosion and road construction could not erase the fact that our footsteps were once there. We were there under the moon, talking to (probably) some of our favorite persons in the world. It may be exaggerated but hyperboles are there for a reason.

From now on, Aparente Street – just like the others – would not be a  mere streets lined with trees. It would be a lane traversed by people sharing lives. It would be stories under the moonlight and the awesomeness of the God who allowed it to happen.


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