What would you say to your future self?

I am quite a  sucker for documentaries. I like knowing what is beyond the surface. I am interested in the whereabouts of persons and things. I’d like to know what goes on inside a factory or fast food chain, perhaps. I’d like to know what goes on beyond the counters. I’d stay up late to watch docus on TV. I am also a sucker for letters. My best friend and I exchanged letters back in high school several times in a month.  I wrote letters to friends. Things I can’t say to you – because of shyness, lack of words, or plain social awkwardness – I put into a letter. That is why when I stumbled upon Letters to the Future on the interwebs, I squealed in excitement (at least in my head) because two of my favorite things are coming together.

Letters to the Future is a docu by Bia Catbagan. It is a passion project of hers. I think it’s a really nice thing to document this sort of thing that people do – in a sense, writing their future selves. I don’t know the psychological point of doing it or the pros (and cons, if there are any) that go with it. Somehow though, you kind of get to keep track of how you have been for the past year/s since the last time you sent a message to your self. It reminds you of past efforts, failures to learn from, and goals you have achieved since. That’s how I thought about it, at least.

Letters to the Future is a 30-minute documentary exploring a generation’s stories, aspirations, and hopes for the future through the eyes of 44 young people of different social backgrounds. It also serves a time capsule, a candid record of what it’s like to be young in Manila in 2014  – bia.ph

Unfortunately, I live way down south of the Philippines so there is no way for me to watch the film. 😦 The film screening started last July 29 but there’ll be new screenings starting tomorrow. (Check out film screening here.) So, if you happen to live in Manila, try watching the film. How would it go? At least, give it a shot? Ticket price is cheaper than your coffee. He-he.

Last year, I wrote myself on January 1st to be read by, of course, my self on December 31st. Even if it’s just a year, I kind of forgot what I wrote/said so I got grins when I finally read the letter. There were a lot of cringe moments. He-he. I was able to, kind of, review where I came from, where I went, where I will be. Also, I find it amusing to say things to yourself in the future. Somehow, I was able to gauge how far I have been from then. For some reason (most probably feelings and nostalgia), the film gave me an idea to write a letter to my future self to be read, say, five years from now. I wonder how things would be by then. I also wonder how my future self think of the me that I am today. Let us see how it will turn  out.

So, what would you say to your future self?




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