On reading and other things

As I’ve always said, I am not big on fiction.

People easily point me as one who reads, which I really am, but I am still starting to look up at the vast choices of fiction there are. I remember a friend asking me which novels are good and who writes good stories. I could only give a reluctant excuse that I am just sticking to this author and that I am more on the non-fiction side of the bookworm club. Being an English major, this is quite a sad reality because I’m (we’re) supposed to at least know a dozen or so things literature. Lately, by the looks of it, the lack of stories to share is quite detrimental to teaching because clearly, you could not just bluff. I had always wanted to be that person who knows things because s/he reads. Maybe, I’m pointing out, especially to myself, that I should spend more time reading – fiction and nonfiction alike. And by reading, I also mean really pondering about what I read and processing it.

Currently, I have several books that I have yet to read. Not to mention the dozen e-books that are on queue. Talk about hoarding, hehe. I got myself Virginia Woolf e-books so I can read some classics. I just started with Daniel Handler’s Adverbs. Then here’s this book I’m really delighted to have a copy of. I finally got myself William Strunk Jr. & E.B White’s Elements of Style. I’ve stumbled upon the title in countless books and articles before so getting a copy of my own sounded like a dream come true. Ha-ha! I really hope I could finish all pending books this year. (Less seemingly endless web surfing, self. Thank you.)

July had been a quite busy month, not to mention having a meeting on my birthday, but I’m glad that I’m over it already. I still feel like the universe owes me a one whole weekend for myself, reading a good book, drinking coffee, eating. Hehe. Nevertheless, July was good. It’s birthday month, so yeah. Here are some other things that transpired:

  • I joined HeyKessy’s snailmail swap for the second time around! 🙂 It’s a thrill to be receiving good ‘ol mail. Here’s what I received from my swap partner Celena.
    Photo courtesy of Celena.

    She’s from Cavite and I find it cool that we almost have the same interests. (Hello if you’re reading!) One nice thing with this swap stuff is that you get to know people from other places.

I sent her collages, washi-fied notebook, and other paper things like stickers.

  • A bunch of tweens (aka students) surprised me on my birthday! This is the first time that something like that happened to me that’s why I’m really grateful for it. They really brightened my mood that day. One of the birthdays I’ll never forget. 🙂
  • I was emcee to two programs in one week. Thankfully I was able to survive that. I realized that I really have to work harder with my public speaking.
  • Definitely one of the highlights of my year is my best friend Cheng’s engagement party! It was my first time to attend one which makes it more interesting.

I must say July went by so fast. I wonder what August has in store (for me). I hope the past month was a great one for you! 🙂


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