Aspiration beyond acquiescence

Life lately had been a variety of ups and downs but most were happy moments. And it’s nice to know that these happy moments include the down times.

So here’s a poem  I wrote back in high school, posting it here a) for the lack of new material to post (T.T); b) for being a bit nostalgic;  and c) to remind myself to write more, and write more poetry.


Confusion struck once more

as shadows of blissfulness hid

wounds of my wrecked ego.

Of myself proud of the power to carry on,

Truly seeking revenge.

Meanwhile savoring sweet blood and sweat,

those wounds delivered

I accepted the intolerable reality of life.

Truth which deepened-down my nearly

hollow heart

Almost crushing my soul.

But then, I did not totally locked up my thoughts

Of seeking peace in the wild

For truly I know, someone out there in the heavens would help

Leading me out of this nowhere

to the precious path

Changing the worst of my misdemeanor.


circa 2005, the feelings here used to be true. And truly, I was able to get out from that rut. 


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