I have the knack to try doing things – even sometimes, just for the sake of ‘trying’ and get the ‘what’s-it-to-be-like’ experience.

I purchased a secondhand Vivitar IC400 last year and some expired films. I tried taking snapshots almost every chance I could get to see if it would work.

This is really funny because I messed up my rolls, all three of them and I only got several ok shots out of the more than thirty that I should have. lol



These are really just attempts. Most of my shots are full of light leaks and overexposed, he-he. This is really challenging when it comes to light source because I can’t adjust anything prior to shooting.


Mt. Matutum


And another batch are underexposed(?)..


There are some ok ones, thanks to the beaming sunlight. πŸ™‚

000029 000014I got a bit sad because, the last time I checked, no photolabs here process film anymore. Thanks toΒ Digiprint‘s film-to-CD service, you can just send them your films and they’d process and transfer them to a CD. You can also have prints if you want.This whole film endeavor is quite expensive, though because the films are purchased from mostly Manila and I have to ship the films to be processed. But yeah, interests! So, I guess this is it. I might not be regular on this but will definitely be taking snapshots from time to time, er, if I have films and funds for processing. (Save, save, save!)


p.s Any tips on this? πŸ™‚


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