In the midst of the crowd: Lifemixx Convergence 2013

Seven o’clock. I walked hurriedly past the busy vehicles going in and out, threw my usual smile at the guards and slid past. I could almost slide. I go here every now and then, if everyday is too much. But tonight is a different night. Something big is happening. And I’m already late. I was late.

Third floor. I hurried my way to the third floor, strode to the direction of voices and music. I stood and stared at the crowd. From left to right. Who would’ve thought that we are here now? Bigger than this used to be? When only the two front rows are filled up? When there was only one, two, three (the most persons) person who preached almost every Friday? When there was only Friday?

It was LIFEMIXX* Convergence. If I remembered it right, we only started this thing last year. All the time I was seated there, listening to Ptr Cesar (guest speaker!), I cannot help turn my head from here to there. Indeed, God is a faithful god. This crowd would not be possible if not for Him. I looked at faces, checked if my brother was there, looked if any of the persons I know from back then came. This new faces. I looked at the ushers. There are many of them – most of whom I do not know that much. And I cannot help but be thankful for them, these new people. It only means that this thing called discipleship is working. God is working. And I cannot help but be thankful for these people who braved out whatever to tell the young people (and others more, including myself) that we matter, that someone loves us, that someone actually cares for us, that we are called to be great, that Jesus is alive and that Jesus is the one who cares and loves us above everyone else. These people who took time to lead other people to Christ. And I cannot help but be thankful to God for sending them. These people who believe that it is important to honor God and make disciples. That it is important to live a life of leadership, integrity, faith and excellence. That it is important to reach out to the next generation.

As I stood among the crowd, it’s my prayer that I continue to be one of those people. Thankfully, with God nothing is impossible.

*Lifemixx is the youth service of Victory -Gensan happening every Thursdays, 5:00 pm & Fridays, 5:30 pm and 6:30. 3rd Flr., Falgui Bldg, Nat’l Highway, Gen. Santos


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