All things freezing, or not really

I’ve had the privilege of going to Tagaytay City last November for a seminar. What can I say? It’s pretty cool for a newbie like me. It felt surreal all the way to the venue. He-he. We stayed at Montwind Hotel at Olivares. I guess it wasn’t that known since some jeepney drivers don’t know where it is but it is already quite a good place to stay especially if you’re on a budget.

We haven’t had much time to go around since we were in sessions the whole time which should be the case albeit we were able to explore some places.


This place called Sky Ranch was just in front of the Tagaytay International Convention Center where we had the sessions. It had this very high ferris wheel which we got to ride later on.



We didn’t get to take much pictures though since we got pretty speechless and immoblized (LOL!) when we got to the top. What we got was snapshots of the ground below which is also kind of a blur. The windows are wet because of the mist or is that fog? You can just imagine the altitude it reaches.

As there is not much time to roam around, we only got to go to a couple of places. Once, we came very early to the venue and found the time to stroll and of course, take pictures. He-he.

DSCN2985We passed by a sort of a track and a park. We followed a trail at a place which looked like a mini forest and got here. We didn’t know the trail led to the city hall so it was a nice surprise.

We also didn’t get to cover much ground as all we went to was from the hotel to the venue but I say, Tagaytay is a good place for roadtrips. The roads are well-paved and rides are smooth. The weather is also cool at most times. (The water is also freezing.) Of course, it is because the whole place is on high ground. I’ve noticed also that there are a lot of restaurants along the highway.




DSCN3113Of course, a Tagaytay trip wouldn’t be that complete without seeing Mt. Taal from a distance. Unfortunately, we were not able to go to People’s Park where you can get a good glimpse of the volcano as we immediately departed to Manila after the last session. But, here’s what we discovered on our last day.

DSCN3139We could see Mt. Taal from our hotel(!)

DSCN2986So I guess I’ll find myself in Tagaytay once more in the future. Ha-ha. Like some sort of vacation, perhaps. For some reason, it’s a good place to be alone and contemplate. Blame it on nature and my phlegmatic tendencies but I’d like to give that (going there alone) a try some time in the future. 😉


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