Truth Thursdays: I Have Forgotten

For some reason, I am not good at forgetting things – especially memories (e.g remembering scenes from my first grade in detail). But today, I have something to come up with this prompt.

I have forgotten.

It’s not a secret that I like to write. I am not the best at it but I do it, and still will for the longest time I can. Then I came up with a blog. My real life diaries have had their extension for years now. Three years ago was like its heyday of some sort. My blogs from different sites were filled almost up to the brim. I can still imagine how my first few entries went. They were a bit mushy for today, but I wrote them, typed them for the world to see. Every now and then, I’d come up with write-ups about the everyday things – jeepney rides, school project, wasting time, etc.

And then I paused. And it has been a long pause.

Something came up and I forgot how it’s like to just write. To not care about what others would say. To not mind how people would see me after reading what I just wrote. To just write because I felt like something needs to be said. To just write because I wanted to tell a story. To just write because not doing so feels like something is missing. I forgot how it’s like to be like that.

And I want to remember.

Sadly, the slump is happening in real life, too. Save for my journals, I took a long pause – left the note open and closed it without anything on it. No, even they have blank pages on them – saving everything in my mind as if I have a memory chip going on in it, bursting the rest out in prayers.

Then maybe it’s because I also forgot how to keep still. To sit and collect my thoughts (and feelings). To stay still long enough to hear what is inside. To be still and stay long enough to hear more from Someone. I kind of forgot. I forgot how to sit down without thinking what I should do next. I forgot.

And I want to remember.


Another attempt for  Truth Thursdays

 Truth Thursday exists to connect people through writing. To initiate something honest, thoughtful and meaningful. 


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