Today is a Friday. We walked the paths with smiles on our faces knowing it’s the end of the week. You know, the TGIF kind of feeling. We celebrated the blessings. We went around the usual whereabouts. But mostly, we mourn. It might not show but we mourn. A part of our hearts are heavy today.

Today, we mourn because you are so promising. We mourn because of the loss of someone who’s about to embark on another lap of life’s journey that might take you to the better side. You are about to leave for a brighter future but these things happen. We mourn because you could have been… But everything now is in sad “could be’s”.

Today, we recall the days when you were just starting out. We reminisced on the several moments when you would just diligently carry out the tasks assigned to you. We talked about how you are polite at all times. You would run around sweaty but would not mind. And then we talk about how good you are. I was not a witness for long but I don’t doubt such talk because I have seen a fraction of it.

Today, we reminisced and celebrated your life. We tried thinking happy memories as much as we can. We boasted moments with you, privileged  to have worked with you in a way or another. And yes, again, I do not know you enough to start a small-talk but I’ve seen and I hope you turned out to be the fine, young man I imagined you to be. I hope you did. Really.

Today is a day we might not remember but surely will not forget.



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