Truth Thursdays: This Journey

I have developed into a soundtrack type of person. I like the idea of me walking on the sidewalk with a song playing on my player or in my head- some tune that suits my mood for that particular time. I like how music kind of speaks to us, or enables us to do something. I remember putting on my earphones and listening to several songs that would get me going whenever I don’t feel like working on chores or paper works. And I like how some make me feel like I could conquer the world, or at least surpass the wall that is currently in front of me at a particular moment.

Meant to Live by Switchfoot is a no-brainer. “We were meant to live for so much more”. I could keep on walking. I could keep on traversing the road until I find the ‘so much more’ that I was meant to live for. I could go on and I try things. I will fail but I could I try again, and be not afraid to keep on walking. There are still so much more that I haven’t covered yet.

Then there’s my all-time favorite Lose Yourself (yes, Eminem). The beat alone makes me want to put a game face on.  Life offers many chances but there are those that “comes once in a lifetime” so “you better”. There is no time to leave bravery at the door.

And this: With Everything by Hillsong. The bridge part feels like a battlecry. Singing the bridge part makes me feel like I am being prepared for a battle. I feel like I am taking in God’s love, courage and protection. I feel like I am celebrating for this battle is one that I am going to win.

I feel like I am brave enough to see the rest of the world. I feel like I am brave enough to start something. I feel like I am brave enough to continue doing the things that I fear –  even though I have been actually doing them. I feel like I am brave enough to face even those I do not know yet.

My first attempt for Truth Thursdays.


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