Notebooks are my babies


Over the years, I have developed this fondness for notebooks. Maybe it was the covers -which are getting prettier than ever –  that made me giddy like a five-year-old being handed her lollipop. Whatever that is, I have imagined myself having this collection in the near future, ha-ha! I can imagine them lined in a shelf – big, small, lined, squared, blank, Moleskines, FieldNotes, and others I have yet to discover. 🙂

collageThe green one is one of my most recent purchase. I pretty made sure that it would last me  about two months since I do not have the budget for too much notebooks yet. I kind of hoard at times so I really have to stop myself from compulsive buying. Hehe.

The gray one’s special because it’s a purchase from Ignite 2013. I wasn’t able to go but upon seeing this I pretty made sure that I’d be able to have one. Thankfully, a friend agreed to buy it for me and had me pay for a lesser price!

Paper notebooks aren’t the only ones in this post, though. The center’s picture a Dell Latitude D620, which I named Oskar. (He’s the one I’m using right now.) It’s an old model yes, old-old, in fact but I’m pretty sure we’ll have a long time together. Ha-ha!

Having these notebooks – both the literal ones and Oskar – reminds me to be filling them up, and filling them up well. Being busy is an understatement as with my job right now (it’s pretty fun though, really). I look forward to be sitting down with a cup of coffee, a good pen and one of them babies. Aaahh, that moment. One day. Very soon.

P.S. I misplaced my ‘creative writing notebook’ and my pen, which made me sad. I realized I’m a bit attached to them things. Ha-ha!

collage2Um, repetitive photo contents are repetitive. Kthanksbye. 🙂


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