Ain’t No Skirmish

Come Monday, I’ll be on the front desk and not on the armchair anymore. I will be on the sides and corners, facilitating and not anymore sitting down. Come Monday, I won’t be on the sidelines anymore.

I write on the papers. I prepare a draft of what’s to be taught and learned for the day. I try to check if things around are okay. Instinctively, I try to do my best thinking that at the end of the day – literally – I would be judged and that my ‘performance’ would be the basis of a ‘brighter’ future.

And then it hit me. This is no longer the works that I used to do. Yes, the tasks are the same; so as with the environment, even majority of the people, or at least how they should be. But come Monday, it’s not the same anymore. Yes, I would still very much be judged but not anymore in the way that used to be a couple of years ago. This is no longer practice. This is true. This is now.

I scramble with my thoughts. I go through where and what I had been. I asked. I answered. This is true. This is now.

I could go on trying to analyze myself and everything else that I could and could be. I smile. An opportunity has been laid down before. Better yet, it has been placed in my hands. And yes, I believe that I was made to be here for such a time as this.

This is no skirmish. This is true. This is now.


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