Twenty-something aka a very belated birthday post finally

There is something about that first word in the title that makes me cringe and giddy at the same time.

It was in the Philippine Daily Inquirer’s book compilation of their column Young Blood that I first came across the term. I was in junior high school then and it sounded like something very ‘glorious’ to me. Fifteen, partly having the time of teenage life and partly wishing time would fly fast and bring me to college. I was curious and pretty excited how living in your twenties would be like. Can I go stay up late with friends? Can I buy almost anything I want?(Provided I have a job, of course.) Can I go to almost anywhere? Can I do almost anything I want? There were so many things that flooded my mind – aspirations, dreams, even questions. I even wonder if I would ever be prepared for the (okay, cheesy mode on), shall I say “dream season” of my teenage self.

Last year, I turned twenty-one. It wasn’t as festive as I thought it would be. It was just steady. But my heart was pounding both from excitement and fear. (Is there a lighter word for the latter?) Excitement because I am here. By God’s grace I am here and I am doing fine. It isn’t perfect, it never will be, but I am fine and thankfully I learned my lessons well. (Okay, there are really those that I am still learning up to now.) And there’s fear. Apprehensions, I guess. As I said in my journal entry on my birthday, ‘twenty-one is like a kind of serious age’ (as for me, well, kinda, haha!).

So far though, it was a blast. I still cannot do almost everything on my own because of course, you have to make considerations and all but yeah, I am having a blast.

And then, there’s this video (which I stumbled upon before drafting this).

And it got me. Yes, yes. This twenty-something age is not to be taken for granted as, just like any other time in life, it comes only once. This liberating feeling, the energy, the enthusiasm, the growth of a passion, we only pass through it once. And it is my prayer that I live this season serving, loving, obeying the One who brought me here.

I am still on the first year of being a twenty-something and there’s still a lot of things to look out for. It may not be festive or grandiose as I imagined it would be but I know it will be fun. I know because He can make things happen. And I pray that I will yield to Him throughout.

I am excited for the roadtrip ahead -literally and figuratively. 🙂

*”This road of life is bumpy. But if it was smooth…journey, will I ever learn anything?”


*quote from the video

Note: Weirdly enough, I am quite particular (albeit not to the point of being OC, I guess) about numbers like dates and ages thus the sentiment.


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