Christmas wishlist, you say? :)

It’s almost here and I can now feel the chills. And, gifts are things that also make me giddy about this season, hehe. And, there are a few things that I really would like to have so why not blog about it?  😀

1. FieldNotes notebook(!)

collageI’ve been really wanting to have some of these when I found out about it. Thanks, Internet. Apparently, I am a notebook junkie. In fact, I am unconsciously-consciously starting to make this collection (hoho! you can say that part of my meager income goes to a notebook if the need for a new one arises. You can also say that most of the time, it isn’t really a need. lol) So one of these will definitely grace my collection. Ha-ha!

2. Film Camera (in this case, a Vivitar EZ35 or PN2011)

collage2Part of my ‘discovering new things’ is trying out to shoot in film. Well, technically, we’ve been here before, hehe, but it would be pretty nice to hear the shutter click again. Also, I really miss taking pictures with a camera -digital or not.

3. Bag


Hmm, I’ve been really wanting to have a new bag lately. (And secretly imagining a collection to come lol)

4. Laptop


THIS would really be helpful to me for the next year. I am positive that this would make things convenient for me especially with all the typing jobs I am about to do. Hehe

5. Washi tapes and craft things!


Preettyyy! I have also been into craft things lately and for a paper junkie (like me), who can resist these pretty things? The designs are just really nice and these tapes, though they’re a bit pricey ae really nice because there’s lots of things you can do with them. So I can say the pricey-ness is kinda worth it. Hihi

So there. I just gave you a glimpse of my want for things. 🙂 Happy holidays! 🙂


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