Booksale Delights

I have been on the quest of exposing myself to different reads lately. And Booksale has been a kind help to my endeavor.

Apparently, cheap book finds is the treat here; but what added to the giddiness (at least, for me) is heaps and heaps of random and rare nice finds.

I was looking for something that would spark interest when I took notice of this. I must say that it was primarily because of the cover that I took it. Then it said ‘novel in verse’. I am into writing styles these days so it was really a treat! And you can just imagine how much this costs!

On another occasion, I was thinking that I should start reading some classics, as well, or at least something not really contemporary so when I saw this anthology, I snagged it. (Guess what? Haven’t read a single story. Boo. [Don’t judge me!])

My latest ‘obsession’ are magazines of, say, different sorts. The Wire mag was purchased out of some sort of mistaken identity. Ha-ha! Having no idea what Wire is all about, I thought it was a design/art mag because of the cover photo. (Apparently, I have no idea who, what Deerhoof is, let alone Captain Beefheart.) So much for judging the cover, huh? As it turns out, it’s a music magazine(!). I like knowing new things and since almost all of the content (or the whole mag itself) is new to me, so it was okay. 🙂 However, the real catch is I got it for only Php6! And you are not mistaken.

Bookmarks, on the other hand, sort of complements my endeavor (of finding reads). Purchasing it was almost a no-brainer (also, since it costs only Php28). Now, I have a whole  magazine of a book list. Interestingly, it has an article about Haruki Murakami -whose books have been arousing my curiosity for some time now. It’s like having a heads-up of someone you’ll be meeting for the first time:)

I must say though, my trip to the Booksale wasn’t always a happy one, just like not being able to get the copy of Maurice Sendak’s “Where The Wild Things Are” the moment I saw it because I has no moolah. As if that’s not sad enough, it was gone when I was ready to have it. But yeah, things can be replaced, you know. (Note to self) So, the discovering goes on. 🙂 I have seen copies (take note of the plurality) of  Tolkien’s “The Hobbit”, Marvel comics, books on faith and theology (which can really be pricey outside Booksale) and Stephen Kings to name a few. Hmm, I am hoping to snag a Status or Rogue mag one day soon. 🙂

*This is  not a sponsored post. lol


4 thoughts on “Booksale Delights

  1. Hello! Stumbled upon your blog through HeyKessy’s mail swap page. I love Booksale too! Maybe you’d like to join us in our online book club? (
    We’d love to have you there!

    1. Hi! Thanks for dropping by Drea! 🙂
      Booksale! :)) Checked you bookclub, too. Mmm, I’m not really big on reads yet but yes, I would like to. Thanks for the invite. 🙂

  2. I LOVE Rogue. It’s probably the only local magazine I read. 🙂 If you want I can send you a back-issue. Just shoot me an email at gn [dot] edessa [at] gmail [dot] com. (This is legit, promise :)))

    1. Hi Gn! I think I fell in love with it, too! Ha-ha! Yes, finally I was able to have a copy of the October issue. Why, I discovered it just recently?! Anyways, like for free?hehe. Thanks for dropping by! Appreciate it much. 🙂

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