Madaling araw nun, parang ngayon lang. Gamit ang dalang unan, tinakpan yung modem para di masyadong marinig na may mag-i-Internet na naman. Ti-nype agad yung url ng site kung san malalaman mo kung nagbunga ba yung ilang linggo, buwan na pag-re-review (self-review sa kaso ko dahil hindi naman uso ang review centers sa amin at … Continue reading UPCAT


The Sunday Currently Vol. 9

Reading  Curiosity got me to pick up Malcolm Gladwell's The Tipping Point. I have been discovering and ~learning~ so far and most of the time ~mindblown~ tbh. I'm not even halfway yet.  What a genius to have done such observations and research. I've skipped most of the part where he mentions statistics, tho. Ha-ha! Writing  This is … Continue reading The Sunday Currently Vol. 9

Because ~ahrt~: Budayaw 2017

Last month, I was able to take part in the first ever Budayaw Festival! It's basically a festival of cultures participated by the Brunei Darussalam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines - East ASEAN Growth Area (BIMP-EAGA). For its first ever celebration, Philippines, particularly, General Santos City, got to host the event. There were series of events (fashion … Continue reading Because ~ahrt~: Budayaw 2017

untitled #21

I see you, when the world was dark. When everything was shattered, you came right in through the crack. When you stepped on my patio - where it was dim no matter how colorful the flowers are; when you said you'd be my eyes, I found a miracle. And the days went on with your … Continue reading untitled #21