Newbie at Graphika Manila 2018

After two years of hearing about it from my sister, I took the plunge and went with her to Graphika Manila (GM). I say it was a great way to start the National Arts Month! It's a big deal for me for reasons that: 1) it's been a long time since I set foot in … Continue reading Newbie at Graphika Manila 2018



What are the odds, na may tao kang makakausap, na parang ang tagal mo nang kakilala kahit kanina lang kayo nagkita? What are the odds na may tao kang makakausap, mga kwento niyong nakatago ngayon ay lumalabas, hanggang sa ang mga minuto ay nagiging oras? Ngunit may mga bagay na nagwawakas. Sobrang ganda ng pagkakataon. … Continue reading Tapos

It started at the park,

it was before everything finally gets dark. On that afternoon there was you and I, total strangers, there wasn't even a spark. But the things you love, and the things I like found a bond and our souls seemed to have followed that path. The years found us passing letters through the crack on the … Continue reading It started at the park,

untitled #25

floating and yet drowning. bobbing up and sinking. trapped somewhere in a nasty daydream. a promise that was ending. it ended and the scars are left. wounds that cut so deep. hollow. hollow. hollow. Grab the light. It never ceases to shine.    old work found somewhere circa 2015