The Sunday Currently Vol. 9

Reading  Curiosity got me to pick up Malcolm Gladwell's The Tipping Point. I have been discovering and ~learning~ so far and most of the time ~mindblown~ tbh. I'm not even halfway yet.  What a genius to have done such observations and research. I've skipped most of the part where he mentions statistics, tho. Ha-ha! Writing  This is … Continue reading The Sunday Currently Vol. 9


Because ~ahrt~: Budayaw 2017

Last month, I was able to take part in the first ever Budayaw Festival! It's basically a festival of cultures participated by the Brunei Darussalam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines - East ASEAN Growth Area (BIMP-EAGA). For its first ever celebration, Philippines, particularly, General Santos City, got to host the event. There were series of events (fashion … Continue reading Because ~ahrt~: Budayaw 2017

untitled #21

I see you, when the world was dark. When everything was shattered, you came right in through the crack. When you stepped on my patio - where it was dim no matter how colorful the flowers are; when you said you'd be my eyes, I found a miracle. And the days went on with your … Continue reading untitled #21

kung wala ka nang masabi,

sapat pa ba ang mga salitang inihanda? may silbi pa ba ang oo? hindi? baka sakali? kailangan bang kumpletuhin ang gustong sabihin? hindi ba pwedeng idaan na lang sa mga tingin? naririnig mo ba ang mga naibulong sa hangin? hindi ba nakaabot sa'yo ang balita? at kung wala ka nang masabi, sadyang aalis na lang? … Continue reading kung wala ka nang masabi,