kung wala ka nang masabi,

sapat pa ba ang mga salitang inihanda? may silbi pa ba ang oo? hindi? baka sakali? kailangan bang kumpletuhin ang gustong sabihin? hindi ba pwedeng idaan na lang sa mga tingin? naririnig mo ba ang mga naibulong sa hangin? hindi ba nakaabot sa'yo ang balita? at kung wala ka nang masabi, sadyang aalis na lang? … Continue reading kung wala ka nang masabi,

Kita Kita: not a movie review

I'm not big on movies (meaning I don't have an external disk drive full of them) but I want to be able to watch some really good ones. And it takes a few days for me to get over when I watch one. The movie in question is Spring Films' "Kita Kita".  This is not … Continue reading Kita Kita: not a movie review

untitled #20

I miss the old blogging days when the Internet was a safe space. Strangers come and go; we exchanged hi's and hello's. Talked to someone we felt we connected with, leaving the monitor thrilled that we connected to a stranger who lives in another part of the country, of the world. I miss the old … Continue reading untitled #20

Out of the city & into the lake (Holon)

I still can’t believe that I’ve made my way through the mountains. Well, it isn’t really my first time but it’s my first to be trekking a higher one - all just to see a lake. On a whim, just to try something new, my college pals and I decided to go to Lake Holon … Continue reading Out of the city & into the lake (Holon)


If I have to stand under the sun for hours on end, If I have to deal with others complaining about long lines and inefficiency, If I have to end the day with varicose veins, If I have to eavesdrop because I have no choice but to do so, having to stand between two friends … Continue reading Queue